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Client Testimonials

"I feel completely confident going to work everyday knowing that Tracey will be coming to take care of my pups during the day. And I highly recommend the canine massage. I treated my 10 year old Frenchie to one and she was mush in Tracey's hands!"

- Terry, Orange

"Tracey is one of the most compassionate dog sitter/lover ever! She has been feeding/walking/caring for our dogs for quite a while - she came highly recommended to me from our vet at North Tustin Veterinary Clinic. From the first minute I met Tracey, I knew she was the right person for our dogs. We recently had an unusual circumstance happen to us which is difficult to relay...we had a longtime vacation planned when we received news that one of our labs had a very aggressive cancer. They couldn't predict how long he would live but knew it wouldn't be long.. We decided to have our daughter stay with the dogs and one week into the vacation our labrador seemed to be doing fine so our daughter flew back to school and had Tracey take over. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse but Tracey was on top of it. She had come in the morning and knew something wasn't right so she immediately took both dogs to the vet. Sadly, our boy passed away a few hours later. We are so thankful for Tracey's insight in knowing to take him to the vet, but also to bring our other dog. It sure did make the transition much easier. Not an easy situation all around but we were so lucky to have Tracey here. Our dogs love her! She is great at what she does - would highly recommend her! Your dogs will love her."


       - Courtney, Lemon Heights

We love Tracey! She is wonderful with our golden retriever, Jake, and I am confident that he's in good hands while we are at work. Jake loves to see her and even when he gets into occasional misadventures, Tracey has always been kind, compassionate and ready to help.


       - Shannon, North Tustin

Kenya and Juneau love Tracey. They look forward to seeing her when she picks them up from the kennel or house for their walks. Tracey has been taking care of my "kids" for 7 years now and it gives me peace of mind to know they are cared about the same way I would care for them.

Kenya & Juneau

           - Jenn, North Tustin

We were very happy to find Tracey and Pals-4-Paws to care for our cats, Rusty and Gordy. They are very shy, however, they took right away to Tracey and got on well with her. We had just moved to Anaheim Hills when we had to go away for two weeks. I found Tracey via her website. When I met with her I knew she was "the one" for our old boys right away. We will happily call on Pals-4-Paws in the future.

Rusty & Gordy

          - Derry and Laura

             Anaheim Hills  

I am writing this on behalf of my brothers and sisters, since I am the king of the Sutton's cat compound. When my Mom and Dad leave for a few days, or even a week, I am so excited the Aunt Tracey comes to care for us. She makes sure all of us are fed, we have fresh water and she changes our litter box. Tracey even sends our Mom and Dad a text letting them know how we are doing. Our parents know they can leave and not worry about us because we are well cared for.

      - Gandoff, Stan and Loretta


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