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Canine Acupressure Massage

While everyone knows what massage is and how good massage feels, many people are surprised to hear that dogs can benefit from massage as well ! Like us, dogs also have muscles and joints that need attention and because massage affects all the systems of the body, it is a safe, non-invasive practice to keep things in check. And with the ability to add acupressure to the massage, now you have a powerful, yet gentle combination to combat many issues that plague our dogs on a daily basis.

Along with the massage, acupressure points can be used to stimulate or relax the energy channels known as meridians which run throughout the body. The goal is to have balance...we don't want too much energy and we also don't want too little energy. Acupressure allows the practitioner to balance the energy, known as chi, by relieving or preventing blockages and excesses that can cause discomfort, pain, and disease.

Some effects of regular ongoing Acupressure Massage sessions:

* Reduce pain

* Reduce discomfort from arthritis

* Relieve muscle spasms

* Remove toxins

* Stimulate blood flow

* Enhance range of motion

* Reduce joint stiffness

* Reduce stress

* Comfort for senior dogs

Massage sessions can be done in your home, Animal Wellness Center of OC, PetPoint Medical Center and Resort in Irvine, or Tustin Care Animal Hospital.  For in-home sessions, a quiet location with the least amount of noise/distractions is best.

The length of a massage session is determined by your dog, but it's best to plan for an hour. The first session may run shorter or longer since this is a completely new concept to your dog. It's not uncommon for them to get up, walk around the room and come back to the blanket. With regular ongoing sessions, they will stay in one place to receive the massage because now they are familiar and they know it feels good !

** While acupressure massage is a great addition to regular veterinary care, it is not intended to replace veterinary care.

Yukon loves her weekly massage

Emma Zen is a girl on the move and loves her


You won't hear any complaining from Hoover, the weimaraner, after his massage!

 Post massage, Bailey is ready for a nap

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